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Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Both of our featured products from the Resimac Range provide outstanding protection against CUI, whilst having other benefits to the client.

Resichem 561 Thermal Barrier

– high build insulative coating

Resichem 561 Thermal Barrier is a high build solvent-free low emissivity coating designed to reduce heat transfer from underlying metal surfaces thereby reducing heat loss and the risk of burns through personal contact. The coating has been designed to be applied to hot operating surfaces ranging from 80°C to 140°C.

Through in house and independent testing the product has proven to reduces surface temperatures from 140°C (284°F) to below 55°C (130°F). The reduction in surface temperatures vary with actual substrate temperatures and the number of applied coats.

Primarily aimed at reducing surface temperatures to an acceptable safe range, negating the use of insulation, the product also has outstanding corrosion resistance properties. Withstanding atmospheric corrosion or the mitigation of CUI if Insulation is also utilised.

Product Specification Sheet

Product Technical Data Sheet

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Shell Test Report

Resichem 530 HA100

Resichem 530 HA100 is a single component solvent free heat activated epoxy novalac coating. Activation of the product occurs when applied to surfaces at 100˚C or above

Once applied to a metallic surface operating at an elevated temperature (100˚C +) the material cures like any other epoxy coating. The maximum temperature the material can be applied at is 240˚C.

The unique curing properties allow this product to be applied to process equipment and pipework suffering from chemical attack, environmental corrosion or corrosion under insulation without having to switch off the process system. Also due to the outstanding adhesion achieved between the coating and the metallic substrate this coating once cured can be over coated with other systems such Polypropylene, Polyethylene & Mineral Rockwool.

The product has been independently tested by certified laboratories in the United Kingdom and is approved for use by major oil and gas companies worldwide.

Product Specification Sheet

Product Technical Data Sheet

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Resichem 530 HA100 product brochure