Krypton Chemical

Since 1999, Krypton Chemical has been dedicated to the development and manufacture of resins for construction and heavy Industry.

 At their facilities located in Hospitalet de l’Infant, Tarragona, they develop and manufacture polyurethane, epoxy and polyurea resins for all kinds of waterproofing projects as well as for industrial processes and bridge deck protection.

As a manufacturer, they do not only develop their products, but accompany their customers throughout the entire project process, so that they always have support providing maximum responsibility for the products they are using.

Manufacturers of polyurethane, polyureas, epoxies.

Krypton Chemical, as a manufacturer of polyurethane and other resins, offers a wide range of liquid application products that provide high performance solutions. All their systems are designed to provide long lasting properties and are perfectly adapted to the needs of customers and their projects.

Polyureas products for corrosion and waterproofing protection

Zoom Corrosion Technologyhas partnered with Krypton chemicals to sell and promote their range of Polyureas. The complete portfolio of polyureas offer outstanding performance, and are quality materials that are used as protection membranes in many industrial applications. The hot spray allows a homogeneous application of several thicknesses, different finishes and rapid curing. Within their range of polyureas for industry you will find polyureas of varying hardness and flexibility developed for all types of applications.

With many years of experience Krypton Chemicals realized the importance of being able to offer the quality of both pure and hybrid polyureas with different hardness and densities. For this reason, they have developed a specific range of polyureas for different uses, classified by their properties of hardness and their nature.

Zoom Corrosion Technology provide technical advice on the right choice of polyurea for our clients specific needs. Please call us for further information on these excellent protection systems.